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What our clients say

  • This is when we met Bela from Ideal Homes. The paperwork for us was the most important part of the purchase and having someone who we could trust and rely on was the key.

    Gary and Lisa Ellis,  
    So after 18 years of living on the mediterranean island of Ibiza we decided it was time for a change of scenery, we put our house up for sale and started trawling the internet for our new home. We decided on Portugal, having a similar climate and good value for money. Hours were spent chasing properties, there were disappointments but eventually found ‘The One’. The property had been empty for many years and was in need of full renovation. Squatters and Vandals had been in over the years and all the electric cables, switches, plugs and sockets had been taken, the bathrooms, doors and kitchen had been smashed all beyond repair. At this stage we had only seen photos of the house on-line as due to covid restrictions we were not able to travel. This is when we met Bela from Ideal Homes. Any property purchase is stressful and buying in a new country even more so. We had questions, lots of them. The paperwork for us was the most important part of the purchase and having someone who we could trust and rely on was the key. Bela was that person, when I look back over all the messages we sent, sometimes late into the evening, if the tables were turned I think I would have blocked her. But not Bela, she was always there on the other end of the phone, nothing was too much for her. Bela recommended a good lawyer to set our minds at rest regarding the paperwork and constantly chased them for answers. Paperwork sorted we still had questions regarding the house ... was the water well still functioning after all this time? Was the house structurally sound? What about neighbours etc. Bela sorted all this out for us, she organised engineers to check the house and well, she personally did a detailed video including the long driveway and provided us with many more detailed photos. We were getting very excited and could not wait to visit and hopefully secure the purchase. Unfortunately due to travel restrictions this was not possible and other offers had started to come in for the house, we couldnt believe that after all these weeks of dreaming and planning it could come to nothing. We had a decision to make, buy the house without actually viewing it or loose it. We had read some horror stories and all advise was against this type of transaction but somehow we felt it was the right thing to do and this confidence was down to Bela. We made the offer and after a bit of negotiation by Bela we managed to secure the purchase. We flew in from Ibiza and completed the sale. The house turned out better than expected and the renovations are currently underway. I am not sure I would recommend buying a house on-line without seeing it in a country you do not know, but if you do, you need a Bela.  
  • Ideal and Jose have made it as stress free as they can!

    Patty Farmer,  
    My broker Jose and the entire mortgage and finance team at Ideal Homes has provided a step-by-step blueprint to help them, help me, in securing the very best terms for the mortgage on my new home in Adega.  Although this process is never a barrel of joy--either here, in the States, nor actually any place in the world--Ideal and Jose have made it as stress free as they can. So I send a heartfelt thank-you for providing the means to a new home filled with new friends    
  • Professional and always willing to help! 

    Marié du Randt Benedito,  
    Jose has really helped me a lot and has gone the extra mile and I am really pleased to work with him! The webinars are also very informative which Ideal Mortgages are sharing! Do not hesitate to make use of their services; professional and always willing to help! 
  • I wish to make a 'RAVE' Review about Real Estate Agent, Sandy Barreiros ***** 5/5

    Ingrid Gale-Olson,  
    She works for IDEAL Homes Portugal & I have purchased a 2 Bedroom Unit in the Santa Maria II Development in Lagos that is slated for completion in 2023.  First of all, I was contacting her from Bellingham, Washington so there was a 9 hour time difference & Sandy was so accommodating & flexible making herself available to talk to me at any time. Secondly, she is one of the friendliest & most personable Real Estate Agents I have ever worked with. There was no 'Sales Pitch', no pressure & no Agenda. She was just helpful, informative, genuine, funny & kind. I trusted her. It helped that she was 'American' & had lived in Philadelphia for 18 years. But she seems to love Portugal & the Algarve region in particular & she exudes this. She answered the many questions that I had about the area. I bought the property in February 2021 but we have kept in touch this whole time. When I came to Lagos this Summer, of course we met up & I even got to meet her lovely Father! She has introduced me to several members of her Team & I've even been able to meet the Developer of the Project plus the Interior Designer @ Abode who will help me decorate my Condo once it is completed. In closing, Sandy is not just an accomplished Realtor, she has become my friend!
  • Sasha has been my eyes and ears from far away!

    Tom Enagonio,  
    I would like to compliment Sasha Sharpley for incredible professionalism in his role as my Real Estate representative in Portugal. I purchased an apartment in a development that is under construction but should soon be completed. I am buying remotely from another country and have never purchased property in Portugal before. So needless to say, I had no knowledge to guide me. Sasha has been by my side the entire time. What really sets Sasha apart from other real estate personnel is that even after the sale, he has continued a great level of engagement. He has kept me updated on construction progress and has also connected me to an incredible range of professionals in all the necessary aspects of completing the mortgage and closing process. So from initial showing, through purchase negotiation and agreement, through the mortgage and closing process, Sasha has been my eyes and ears from far away. I am extremely grateful for his professionalism and care. Further, I can attest that Sasha is extremely well regarded within his company which again speaks to his commitment and ability.